Awaken the Goddess Festival 

Join us in London on for an unforgettable experience

Saturday 28th July 2018

Come along to the Awaken the Goddess Festival and immerse yourself in a day of exploration, healing and feminine grace. You will learn how to harness your female energies to create the life you were born to live. Delve into subjects such as the divine feminine, creativity, shamanism, energy healing, holistic health, spirituality and sexuality. 

We have organised a full programme of talks, workshops and classes for you to experience.  There is also a vibrant market place to explore because you deserve to invest in yourself.  So indulge in something you want, have a reading or healing session, maybe buy a gift for your loved ones. You might even meet the healer, coach or course leader that will change your life! Whatever you come for, you are guaranteed to leave full of inspiration and feminine fire.   

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Why do you need this festival?


It's time to realise the power of your cyclic nature and embrace the rhythm of your menstrual cycle. There was a time when all women were powerful healers but over centuries this ancient knowledge has been forgotten. Now is the time to regain what was lost and learn to stand in your own power again. As a result, you will discover your feminine magic and realise just how successful and joyful you can be. If you have passed the menstrual years - welcome to your most powerful years! This is the time to really get in touch with your authentic self and Awaken the Goddess within.


Find out how it feels to indulge in a strong sense of female empowerment and get connected to a powerful sisterhood of Goddesses. Most importantly, embrace all that you are, wherever you are.


So what would you do if you had no limits? Come and find out.   

Empower all women everywhere!