Freedom in Movement

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Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone

I really can't dance and the idea of attempting to dance in front of other people is excruciating to me but last night I went to a 'Dancing the Goddess' workshop and it was amazing! I decided I had to try to get out of my comfort zone and just do it. And I'm so glad I did. The class wasn't about looking good or performing fancy dance moves - it was just about moving your body however you like to a well chosen selection of music.

The workshop was run by Beverley Drumm who will be at Awaken the Goddess 2017 offering a free Dancing the Goddess workshop - I urge you to try it if you're in London. Trust me you won't regret it.

Challenge Yourself

It is only by expanding our boundaries and being willing to do the things that make us uncomfortable that we can grow and truly live lives of pure grace and freedom. I encourage you all to try something this week that pushes your boundaries a little. Don't worry about looking silly, being rejected, falling flat on your face - the reality is never as bad as we think it will be. Chances are you'll open yourself up to something wonderful or worst case scenario - you have a funny story to tell next time you're having dinner with friends.

So let's start actively seeking more avenues of expression, freedom and celebration.. life is for the living!

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