Sisterhood is Essential

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Guest Post by Best Selling Author Tanishka


Why Sisterhood is Essential In These Transition Times


Everything in life is cyclic. From karma – the understanding that ‘what goes around, comes around’ to the changing seasons, the orbit of the planets and the lunar phases. It is also why the Goddess is returning after thousands of years of relative obscurity during the reign of the empires that outlawed feminine wisdom teachings and sacred traditions. Since the feminine teaches us how to foster cyclic growth that is sustainable on all levels, this omission has resulted in all life forms now being under threat.


Understandably this time of global uncertainty is triggering fear for those who view time as linear and existence as finite rather than the feminine view of time…which is cyclic and existence as eternal. This feminine viewpoint helps us relax in the understanding that change is inevitable and chaos is our Soul’s initiation through the crossroads in our collective metamorphosis.


Our Role as Midwives


The role of the feminine at this time in our evolution as a species is to midwife ourselves and humanity through this global shift known as The Great Rebirth to indigenous peoples the world over. Why?


As women in our fertile years we are initiated each month by our bodies which catalyze a cyclic death and rebirth on all levels, emotional, mental, energetic and physical as we journey through our hormonal phases within each lunar month. If this process is unconscious we struggle with what appear to be unpredictable and extreme mood swings, which undermines our confidence and self-acceptance as women.


Whereas if we access ancient feminine wisdom teachings we gain much needed insight to better caretake our needs on a cyclic basis, which creates emotional balance and decreases destructive behaviours like comfort eating and substance abuse. Women who consciously practice this cyclic approach to life are then able to remain centered during times of crises and assist the greater community adapt to change with grace.


The Importance of Gathering in Sisterhood


After thousands of years of feminine traits in men and women being distorted and devalued, the fastest way for us to heal and empower our feminine side is to gather with other women during the darkest lunar phase, known as new moon…which occurs two weeks after full moon.


Since the feminine is governed by the moon, as the lunar energy wanes so does our energy and inner light so we experience a spiral descent into our personal shadow – that being all of our unhealed aspects. So new moon is the time each month when we’re most likely to react from our own unhealed wounds which then wounds others. It’s also when women are most at risk of depression, self harm or suicide or alternatively if disempowered are prone to comparing themselves with other women or judging them in an unconscious effort to bolster their self-esteem.


The Return of the Red Tent


In the ancient world women would gather at new moon in Moon Lodges, also known as Red Tents to support each other to acknowledge and accept their darker thoughts and emotions..a process which helps us heal and grow our wisdom through shared insight.


The Red Tent also served as a place to rest and reflect since new moon is when the majority of women menstruate and when our psychic gifts are amplified, regardless of whether we’re still fertile. When we gather, our subtle senses are further expanded, making it easier to access our intuitive guidance and experience more ‘A Ha!’ moments.


When we gather in sharing circles we see our strengths, vulnerabilities and challenges reflected back which helps us find greater compassion for ourselves and each other. This is the communal practice that grows sisterhood by providing a safe space and intent to acknowledge and express our deepest truth so we may fulfill our potential knowing we are held, safe and supported to grow.


I’m delighted to be part of the Awaken the Goddess festival being held at the next new moon to lead a global healing intention to support the healing of our collective shadow in these transition times:


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