End of the Eclipse

The upcoming full moon marks the end of the eclipse season that we've had these past months. I don't know about you but the eclipse in August really had an affect on me. In honestly, I've never quite experienced the pull of the moon in the way some other women describe and I've always felt a little spiritually inadequate because of it. But now I realise that actually these energies are quite subtle until we recognise them and then wham - the realisation hits you and all of a sudden you become one of those people who says 'it's not my fault - the moon made me do it'...... Just kidding! We're all responsible for our own actions but you get what I'm saying.

The day of the eclipse I just couldn't muster up the energy to get out of bed and start my day - I ended up staying in bed all day long! Instead of feeling guilty about it I decided to recognise that my body and soul needed to rest and think and feel. It wasn't until I came to that mind space that I realised that we were going through the eclipse energy and put two and two together. Then I started noticing small things in my my mood, emotions and feeling; my menstrual cycle this month has been super powerful, because of the eclipse no doubt. All the volatile emotion leading up to my period then the unrelenting need for deep rest and alone time whilst on my period and now the metamorphosis into productivity ninja in the days after my bleed.

I love being a woman! I love the ebbs and flows of my cycle. I love the moods, the power and the mystery of it all.

Big Changes

This past month has had such a profound effect on me, I feel like something has opened up, almost as if I've moved into a new level of power and awareness. I meditated, went easy on myself and paid attention all month and it has been glorious. I hope you had the chance to get quiet and feel the feelings too.

Art Journalling

I even did a bit of art journalling, I'm no artist but creativity isn't about talent it's about individual expression. In preparation of the eclipse I sat down with an art pad and some pastels - I'm loving pastels at the moment, they're so tactile - took a few deep breaths and asked 'what message does the eclipse hold for me?' and then I picked up a pastel and started adding colour to paper to see what would emerge. After 20 minutes I stopped took a few more deep breaths and waited for the message to emerge, sometimes it's good to do a bit of writing at this point, if that works for you. The message I got was.....

.....Trust the Flow......

Now these three words will have a different meaning to different people, but for me it's a powerful message to just trust where life is taking me and be open for the signs because the right people, experiences and lessons will come into my life as I need them in the year to come.

I'm a little sad to be moving out of this powerful phase but also looking forward to see where this heightened vibration will take me. 

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