Spiritual Entrepreneur Series


Spiritual Entrepreneur Series

The spiritual Entrepreneurs Series is an ongoing series of interviews with women who earn their living, in full or part by following their spiritual path. The series is designed to inspire others to realise that anyone can earn a living doing what they love, it also helps to showcase some of the amazing work being done by these women.

If you know someone who you would like to see interviewed, contact me and let me know. The same applies if you would like to be interviewed yourself 🙂 


Isik Tlabar

20 October 2017
Isik is an intuitive guide and coach. She offers workshops throughout the year, has a great blog and sends out bi-monthly newsletters that I love reading. I was impressed with how someone so young could be so centred and able to powerfully guide women to their own greatness. 
Isik offers a free session to those who would like to work with her so why not visit her website and take advantage of this fab offer?   

Indra Singh

17 September 2017
For this episode of the Spiritual Entrepreneurs series I interviewed Indra Singh, owner and founder of Silent Moon Imaginarium and creator of the Silent Moon Elixirs. These elixirs are a unique range of flower essences because Indra works with the power of the moon rather than the sun to create them.
I first met Indra through organising the Awaken the Goddess festival where she was very well received by all who attended. From the onset I was drawn by how down to earth, genuine and open Indra is. It is clear that she works hard to give her offering to the world - while building up her following, she would broadcast on Periscope everyday at 2pm, 7 days a week! The sheer dedication and determination of that act alone shows that this woman is a force to be reckoned with. 
Here she is......



31 August 2017
I am so delighted to start the Spiritual Entrepreneurs series with Tanishka - author, speaker and teacher of women's mysteries. Talking to her was such a pleasure, she shares some powerful inspiration and words of wisdom in this video and it is clear that she really does know her stuff. I especially loved hearing about her morning routine which I will be incorporating into my own life to get my day off to a good start.
  As well as speaking engagements, writing books and offering courses (one of which I will be starting soon - very exciting!) - Tanishka also writes a daily Moon Blog which I highly recommend. So for those of you who would like daily lunar guidance, visit her website and join the mailing list. 

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