What is the Awaken the Goddess Movement?


Awaken the Goddess is dedicated to bringing about powerful change in the collective consciousness of women. We want all women to tap into their innate wisdom and power. To realise their highest purpose and live a life of passionate fulfilment. We support and promote spirituality, feminine wisdom, well being and sisterhood.

There once was a time when women were revered. When they lived by the ebbs a flows of their monthly cycle and were considered healers. Sadly, over time this attitude has changed, women have suffered through centuries of patriarchy that has robbed them of their true power. We want to reawaken the old ways and dance in the light of the fire.


Take this journey with us and rediscover the infinite potential within

We have the power within us to heal from past experiences, release unwanted patterns of behaviour, create abundance, joy and vitality in our lives. All we need is to learn a few powerful tools. As women we tend to forget about taking care of ourselves. Mainly because we’re too busy taking care of others or trying to please everyone else. We need to realise that when we take care of ourselves, when we stand in our power and embrace our messy, cyclic nature in all its glory we become better partners, mothers friends and workers.  When we take care of ourselves, we are taking care of everyone.

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