The Power of Yoga Nidra

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This week's thoughtful three has helped me through a stressful week of trying to finalise the Awaken the Goddess website. Who knew making a website was such a monumentous undertaking? Certainly not me!


Quote I'm loving:

"The best way to predict the future is to create it" - Peter Brucker

How true is this? All the dreaming, manifesting and wishing in the world isn't going to get you anywhere unless you get up and do something about it

What I'm practicing:

This week I have introduced a daily yoga nidra practice into my routine. If you've never heard of yoga nidra before, it's a bit like a guided meditation but possibly even more relaxing and restorative.  Yoga nidra actually means psychic sleep which explains why it's best to practice it while lying down.

I've found that the effect of doing this practice everyday for the past week is powerful yet ever so subtle. It's like a featherlite layer has surrounded me and made all the hectic chaos of this week that much easier to deal with. Almost as if I now have the inner knowledge that I can cope with whatever life throws at me. It's hard to explain so why don't you try it out for a week and see for yourself?

The Yoga Nidra Network have an abundance of nidras that you can listen to and download for free (you can make a financial contribution if you feel you are able). You do have to go through a few to find one that sounds right for you but it's worth it.  Now go explore 


What I'm listening to:

A song called Kundalini Manifest by Goddess Alchemy Project

I love this song, I listen to it whenever I need to get my mojo going. It's worth using a good set of speakers or headphones as the beat it amazing and my laptop doesn't quite cut it!  

The first few times I heard I thought the chorus said 'Kundalini manifest anthrax' - unable to accept that manifesting anthrax was in keeping with the rest of the song I did a little research and found a Youtube video with the lyrics attached in the description box. I was indeed wrong, it is Empress not Anthrax! 

Check out the opening lines - 

'Can you feel the strength of this woman who tames?
 Lady of the beast who commands the reigns'

It's impossible not to love it. 



You can find out more about Goddess Alchemy Project on their website



Speak to you again next week 🙂


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