Call to Awaken to the Divine in us All

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Guest Post by Elizabeth (Silver Fox) Rudwick



It is at this auspicious time that I write this post following Summer Solstice the Longest Brightest and Hottest Day in the Year 2017.
Many of us are being called to gather to Awaken the Goddess – the Goddess that is within each of us. Our Divine inherent birth right our Sovereignty. Awaken from a deep slumber. To remember who we truly are and our Soul’s Desired Path with Gaia at this time.
Some have written about the Mayan prophecy in fact predicting the shift as being 2017 and I personally am feeling this resonating deeply for me and those around me. For we are being called by Gaia to Awaken. For Gaia’s Soul is calling us to join her as she Ascends to a Higher Evolution of Love and Light. Many are feeling that this time is NOW for us to be fully present and be part of this crucial time. We are being called to move beyond the bonds of negativity and oppression to an Awakened Beingness with Gaia. To remember where we came from, who we truly are. So that we can be part of this wonderful transformation to a Crystalline Divine Feminine Consciousness.
It is through moving more into our Higher Consciousness in her Hearts that we will fulfil our true destinies. Many of us are feeling the pressures and challenges as the old outdated patterns reassert themselves both inwardly and outwardly. It is at these times that we are called to tune more into the Light of Healing.
This is the time for us to remember our gifts. Our uniqueness. Expand more into our Hearts for that is where we will find we are not alone and will be filled with deep peace which is Joy. We will then be able to sense the unity of all the Ascended Light Beings who with the Highest intention
are sending their wisdom and Healing to all life on Gaia. We will have a deep experience of being at home. Of not being alone.
We will be enabled to envision and embody the way forward. Shining a light for ourselves and one another. Clearing way all the ancient blockages to remember our Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom to achieve our Soul purposes.
And so as we near the day where we gather on the 22nd July. And as each day passes I am filled with a deeper knowing of the profound positive powerful purpose for many to gather together to unify and Awaken to the Goddess.
I heard the call many many weeks ago and little did I know what a deep journey I was about to embark on following heeding this Call.
It is with profound humbleness that I give thanks as a Guardian of Gaia to be given this space to help others to find their connection. To find their Sovereignty. Their Divine Unique Resonance and be fully a Co-Creator. Be in Beauty. Be In-Love.
I look forward to seeing you Awakened Divine Being that you truly are either at the next Full Moon on 9th July Kentish Town or at the Awaken The Goddess Festival 22nd July Chalk Farm.
Remember, tune into your Heart for that is where you will find the Golden Age of the Garden of Eden.
Blessings to all.
Elizabeth Silver Fox

Note from Awaken the Goddess:


Elizabeth is a remarkably gifted woman and will be leading two powerful workshops at Awaken the Goddess on the 22 July 2017. Get your tickets now

Sedna Sonic Sound Gong Bath

1:00pm – 3:00pm in the Goddess Studio

The Gong is the connection with ‘All That Is’ sound and calls us back to our natural harmonic resonance. During the Gong bath people will experience deep meditative states enabling relaxation and healing, where it is possible for the boundaries of the mind to dissolve as if floating among the Celestial Stars and/or the Ocean.

Sedna was discovered in 2005 by the Astronomers at MIT and is the furthest travelling celestial body in our Solar System. It orbits our Sun every 11,400 years. She was named after the Inuit Ocean Goddess who was human and then became Divine giving birth to Whales and Dolphins of the Oceans. She is a protectress and her story is one of healing, redemption and forgiveness. Sedna has chosen this time to be seen helping us to release deep karmic wounds for healing for all. Elizabeth was called to work with Sedna through her past life connection with the Northern Arctic Lands and a deep Soul connection with the Sea Goddess.

Sedna Gong will be accompanied with Channelled voice and Moon Drum. Each person will receive individual focused healing along with the Group Sound Healing.



Reclaiming Your Ancient Shaman

3:30pm – 5:30pm in Quan Yin’s Parlour


In this workshop you will be led on a journey to connect with your most Ancient Ancestral Divine Feminine Shaman Witch Healer Seer Oracle One. The group will then be led into a Sonic Sounding to connect with Divine Feminine Spirit to seal this healing and project this Divine Love Vibration out to the Mother Earth and her vulnerable beings.

For Centuries Women have inherited the patriarchal suppression of the Divine Feminine Shaman Witch Healer Seer Oracle. We are born with this unconscious and conscious block – of buried past lives where we were connected to our Healing with the Divine Feminine and Mother Earth. Now is the time release and bring forth our deepest love and connection to release and heal ourselves and the Earth.

See you there!

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